Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pinterest: Making Your Interests Matter

 photo credit iheartlinen@flickr

 A few words about Pinterest. Many Empire Avenue members are jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon. That's great. Except they're following people and boards with absolutely NO content of their own. Now, many people follow boards solely for their own interests, such as cooking, gardening, crochet and so forth, and that's great. That's the original purpose of Pinterest. But, I know that Empire Avenue users are seeing it as a way to gain followers and exposure for themselves. If you have no content or lame content and you're following scads of people, you've lost the follow back entirely.

  You had my attention for a moment, and I probably even know you, but I will not follow an empty or lame Pinterest account, and I will not use Pinterest disingenuously, and you shouldn't, either. I only pin and follow the things I am interested in personally and professionally, and I suggest you do the same.

  Pinning a mass of Empire Avenue graphics tells me you've missed the point, unless you're an EAv developer. No one is going to repin or share that for any other reason than to be another sheep in the EAv network. Now, if you pinned the portfolio photos and a link to the people you've invested in, that just might drive interest of other EAv users. 

  If you pin genuinely, then others who align with your real interests will follow those interests, and great if you're a social media expert, but is there any more to your life? Has it occurred to you that you might bring in more clients (or whatever it is you're after) if they shared an interest with you? Are you interested in boating, gardening or fashion? PIN IT. Let people see other facets of you other than the numbers you're feverishly trying to rack up and every short cut you're already trying to take. BE REAL.

  I'd recommend reading EVERY Pinterest article on the net you can get your hands on. Mashable is a good source. Look at what's working for others, and find a way to genuinely make Pinterest work for your business and personal interests. If you have an empty account and you want followers, DO NOT follow anyone until you've done some REAL content work yourself. Otherwise it will be useless and simply based on how many people you follow rather, than any real CONTENT you make worth following back. 

  Second, unlike Twitter and Facebook, and everywhere else you disingenuously follow people, don't do it on Pinterest.  Do you really want a stream filled with cupcakes and frilly toddler dresses, or do you want to connect with people who share your love of motorcycles or gardening and possibly the services, products or work you're offering? You're not going to find them in the sea of lace and sticky lollipops if you allow that into your stream.

  Believe it or not, there are people outside your EAv network, and you might just connect with them and expand your network for real, if you'll use Pinterest genuinely. There are no short cuts in Social Media networking on any platform, and those who are using them as such are simply wasting their time and ours by building houses of cards. 

  If you want a great example of professional and personal interests from a great EAv'er, check out Kimberly Reynolds. She has it done right. But branch out to unknown people too. If you're interested in great low carb food, check out the board of Paula Hovsepian. Or what about Angela Brown with her cool pins of 'I Should Try That', products she loves, her garden or my favorite, Yumminess! If my topics resonate with you, follow me for Food, Entertaining, Interior Design and Healthy Food that'll heal you after surgery, but don't follow me, or anyone, if you're not interested in the stuff they do. 

  If I see boards that resonates with my interests, I will follow back, but I may not follow all your boards. I won't follow blindly, emptily, or follow boards that I'm not interested in because I want to keep my stream focused on things that build my work and my personal interests.

  Make a conscious decision to be genuine and authentic in your work and life, and the things that matter to you will finally, magically and miraculously, matter to other people.


  1. Awesome post Anni! Only one complaint - just one. Don't hate on the cupcakes!! I LOVE cupcakes....ha ha. <3 you and good job. You are spot on!

  2. Great post Anni; Pinterest is new to me, and you've given some sound advice here.

  3. Thank you, Shona, what a nice comment.

    Kim, you know I heart the cupcakes, I even follow your cupcakes! Everyone who loves cupcakes needs to follow your cupcakes for sure :D

  4. Anni, thanks for this article. I'm going to follow you, I'm actually going to have surgery soon, in about a month or two. Hernia... So, I'll need some advice on healing foods. :) Greats tips for sure.

  5. Roger, bless your heart! I'll catch up with you on FB. I'd be happy to help you with our Healing Diet. It absolutely works.

    1. Anni, you're right about using Social Networks genuinely, but allow me to play Devil's advocate for a moment.

      -If I use Twitter disingenuously (you insinuated that you've experienced disingenuous behavior on all the other social networks, and are starting to experience it on Pinterest now), and after joining Empire Avenue and transforming my Facebook into a disingenuous hodge podge, why in the world would I use Pinterest any different? Specifically Pinterest?

      The top demographic for Pinterest is Women. In England, the top demographic is men who want to be social media marketers and heard that Pinterest was a good place to be. Does that really surprise anyone? Using a social network like it was intended is entirely different than using it after Empire Avenue runs it over.

      I set up a Pinterest account, haven't pinned anything, haven't even looked at the platform since the beginning of the year, but I have 250 followers and I don't even know why. The worst thing that could ever happen to our group of friends on Pinterest? Empire Avenue starts considering Pinterest for a network score. Think how many cupcakes you'll see then!

    2. Well, you missed my point entirely, Adam but that's OK! Happy not-pinning! LOL!

  6. Hey Anni, thanks for this it got my thinking what I am doing on Pinterest.

  7. Hey Claus! Glad it got you thinking and hope it helped!