Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Metro Pied Piper

Recently my Klout score catapulted me into a stratosphere eligible for a perk. I have to say I was really surprised on all counts. It was not only redeemable, but something I'd actually want - Metromint water. I've definitely had this and liked it and thought - how awesome! I'll get a coupon for a sample bottle of their water.

 Well, not exactly. Saturday morning while juicing some green veggies and fruit (yes, I'm one of those people...) the doorbell rang. My daughter and I looked at each other. I wasn't expecting anything and I abhor drop in visitors. I told my daughter to wait in the kitchen while I attended to the wildly barking dog and completely annoyed cats at the front door.

 I stood there for a moment peering out at this:

Really? Seriously? A BOX of Metromint? Okay, I admit it; I was impressed. Not a coupon to go pick up one bottle myself, not a useless desktop wallpaper, but an entire sample box of Metromint water sent right to my door - for me!

 Now, the shipping box may not belie what was really inside, so check this out. A variety pack of six full sized bottles of their water, a coupon for more and a note from Klout:

 It was all really well done. My daughter exclaimed, "I like Klout!" Then with furrowed brow asked, "How did you get influential in water?"  "Oh heavens, I don't know," I told her, "but I would like to think that someone figured out that I work with surgery patients and help them change their lives through their diet."  I realize this had nothing at all to do with it; that's just what I'd like to think.

 She stared blankly at me as I handed her the glass of juiced kale, celery and apple I made her for breakfast.

 I then realized that Metromint would be a great addition to our Healing Diet at With our over 60,000 registered patients and twice as many unregistered visitors using the site, plus our new Weight Loss & C25K group, this will be a welcome recommendation for many who are trying to stop health destroying beverages like sodas and waters laden with caffeine, chemicals and artificial sweeteners.

  I admit I'm extremely picky about what our patients put into their bodies. No artificial sweeteners, no chemicals, no words you don't understand on a label.

Metromint fits our criteria perfectly: No sweeteners. Nothing artificial. No preservatives. No calories. In the case of the Orangemint flavor, I'm drinking right now, mint and natural orange essence are the only ingredients. It's excellent.

  After my daughter defiantly proclaimed she liked Klout, as if in defense of them because she's suddenly received a cool gift, she asked, "And why are you always speaking out against them, anyway?"

 I told her that I like the idea behind Klout and that's why I'm participating, but it doesn't mean I'm entirely sold, believing or following blindly. When you say you're the industry standard, you're leading people and that means something. It means you have all the pieces in place and are doing an exemplary job in getting things right. Equally important, it also means people trust you to get it right. I still believe the Emperor's New Clothes (or Klout...) are quite threadbare, despite the Pied Piping going on with their brand. So I will continue to observe their actions, participate in what they're doing, view and analyze what, how and why they're offering people perks for their loyalty, as well as continue to challenge them until they become the Industry Standard they claim to be and that I expect them to be. Being my father's daughter, I have pretty high standards.

    Should they achieve 'Industry Standard' I'll be one of their biggest supporters. Until then, along with the followers who embrace what they're doing, society also needs people who explore, question and even disagree with tenets being set forth that affect them. Particularly since Klout is being adopted by large companies such as Nike (and many others) who are using Klout scores in hiring processes and beyond. If you've not read my piece on the Emperor's New Klout, I'd recommend it.

Meanwhile, back to the Metromint people. I have had Metromint on quite a few occasions prior to today, but it wasn't until I received this nice visual display, and my daughter asked me if I was influential in water, that it hit me that this would be great for our patients, considering how actually and 'unmeasureably' influential I am in healthy diets for our patients. So hopefully it was worthwhile for the Metromint people to find me via my Klout score.

     I'll be making this a permanent addition to our Healing Diet as well as regularly recommending it to patients and our weight loss group because it has all the qualities we look for in healthy food and beverages, and because it's a beverage that might help replace bad choices.

 If you're a surgery patient who is facing surgery or struggling to heal, the services at our non-profit are free. Connect with me on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ or through the comments below. I'd be happy to help you or someone you care about get the help they need through recovery and beyond.

 If you or your company would like to help sponsor the services we have offered to tens of thousands of women for over a decade, we would love to have your support.

 Thanks to Metromint and Klout for facilitating this healthy discovery and for the very nice sample box you sent.

   Ah! PBS (post blog script): I just noticed they now have MetroElectro Micronutrient water.  Zinc?! I want!


  1. This is a great blog post on so many levels.

    A real life social media success story via a social media platform and a social media savvy company to a social media savvy end user and very happy individual pleased to use and promote what we can assume based on the blog post are quality products.

    I like this story, it's very now!

    Metromint have got a very smart marketing department!!

    All the best and thanks for forwarding this to me, Peter

  2. Love this Anni it is about to get spread about a bit. I am inviting you by DM to our blogging Tribe

  3. Peter and Michael, thank you both so very much.

  4. Anni, I got over here via a shout out on Michael's FB Wall.

    Really nice article! And I agree with what Peter write above!


  5. Larissa, thank you very much!